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Miss Five Crowns New Zealand - Inaugural Pageant!

NATIONAL WINNER Miss Five Crowns New Zealand 2016 - 'Johannah Prasad' (Far Right)

Miss Five Crowns New Zealand - Where it all happens!

NATIONAL WINNER Miss Five Crowns New Zealand 2018 - 'Eva Wilson' (Middle)


Our beauty performance platform

MISS FIVE CROWNS NEW ZEALAND is a performance platform system built to bring young women together, expressing courage, passion and beauty from their soul. Our system encourages each individual to empower themselves while gaining greater confidence, aiming for higher self esteem and to feel accepted by inclusion.

Were about bringing together young women in areas of NZ to stand united on one beauty performance platform. Young women from all towns and cities around NZ are eligible. All regions of NZ are individually represented – Auckland city is split into five regions being Auckland Central, North, South, East and West.

Five winners will be crowned and one of the five will become the overall supreme winner. The ‘supreme beauty queen’ will wear the biggest crown of all and be awarded the national title of Miss Five Crowns New Zealand.

Our passion is about exceeding expectations of each individual who participates. Each contestant learns about themselves, their authenticity and being truthful to themselves. Everyone has dreams and all dreams start from childhood. Our beauty queens want to help dreams come true for others in their extended communities. To make this happen, our young women volunteer their time to charities. Youthline is our chosen charity this year along with various community projects to help get people to happier places.

Our pageant has 5 sections which are judged by our incredible judges. These are – Interview, Opening Dance, Fashion Catwalk, Resort Wear, Evening Gown. We are women, aiming to grow strong and be confident in society.

It’s a WIN – WIN!!!! We love everyone’s involvement.



What do we stand for?

MISS FIVE CROWNS NEW ZEALAND’s philosophy is to aim and provide amazing experiences for young women around the country.

Our Focus

We search for a young woman who holds a dynamic background with diversity and leads in community services and pride for her country as well as herself.

Our mission and goals are to deliver a fair pageant that helps expand each individual’s experience while directing and pushing them to their passion.

Our young women are not just numbers. They are remarkable, sensational and thoughtful young women who become pageant sisters. They form bonds and unite as family and leaders.

We have grown over time and our pageant system speaks for itself.

If you want to join us please go to the Registration tab. If you are willing to help in any shape or form, we welcome all support and no offer is to small. Sponsorship is essential for us to provide services to make this platform a greater success.

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